A Raised Lounge Area With A Small Pool Was Designed For This Backyard

July 13, 2020
A backyard design that includes a raised lounge, a small pool, and hammocks.

Laure Arancio from La Nostra Secrets d’Intérieur has design ideas on how to transform an unremarkable backyard landscape into a relaxing paradise.

Starting with the empty yard seen below, the designer cleared out the space to expose the original surrounding walls and create a blank landscape to work with.

A backyard landscape renovation that includes a raised deck with a small swimming pool.

By including a raised deck, the designer was able to create height in the backyard, and allow for a small pool to be added. The raised deck, accessed via a few stairs, also has a lounge area with a large sofa, while adjacent to the stairs is a built-in bench.

A backyard design with a raised deck, hammocks, and a small swimming pool.

The main level of the backyard has a grassy area with side planters. The level also has a pair of sun loungers and a hammock.

A landscaped backyard with a grassy area, raised deck, and a small swimming pool.

At night, a variety of outdoor lights enable the outdoor space to become an enchanting place for entertaining.

Outdoor lighting adds a romantic element to the modern backyard.
Photography by Architecte d’Intérieur de La Nostra Secrets d’Intérieur