The Remodeled Interior Of This Home In Toronto Was Designed To Maximize Space And Light

November 5, 2020
A modern interior within a brick house.

Reflect Architecture was tasked with designing the remodel of a home in Toronto, Canada, for a family of four, that would maximize the space and light without creating an addition.

The facade of the home features wood and black window frames, while the rear of the home shows off the brick.

A small partially-covered modern wood porch.
A brick house with black window frames and a modern interior.

Inside the main floor, there’s the living room at the front of the house. A minimalist and angled grey fireplace surround creates a mantle below the television.

A modern living room with a black armchair, a grey fireplace surround, and wood floors.

The dining room is located at the other end of the main floor and includes a glass-topped dining table and views of the backyard.

A modern dining room with a glass topped dining table, green chairs, artwork, and views of the backyard.

Between the living room and the dining room is the kitchen. Light wood has been added to create a sense of warmth. Hidden lighting has been used to showcase items on the shelves and provide additional light for the countertops.

A modern kitchen with light wood cabinets, hidden lighting, and a long central island.
A modern kitchen with light wood cabinets, hidden lighting, and a long central island.
A modern wood kitchen with hidden lighting to show off the items on the shelf below.

A long hallway runs along the wall, maximizing the space for the social areas of the house. On the upper floor, there’s a walkway that can be seen through the windows.

A modern hallway with wood floors, window frames, and doors.
A modern house with a small walkway that can be seen through a window.

In one of the bedrooms, there’s a wall with built-in shelving beside the bed, as well as in a small alcove. The white furnishings and the light wood window frame gives this bedroom a modern and simple appearance.

A modern Scandinavian bedroom design with built-in storage in the wall, and in a small alcove.

In the bathroom, white is the chosen color palette. There’s white tile that’s used as a backdrop for the white pendant lamp, a white-framed round mirror that hangs above a white vanity, and a white bathtub surround.

A modern white bathroom with white tiles, white pendant light, white framed round mirror, and white vanity.

Here’s the floor plan that shows the hallway that runs the length of the house.

The floor plan for a modern two story house.
Photographer: Riley Snelling | Architect: Reflect Architecture | General Contractor: Ripple Projects | Home Accessories: Hopson Grace | Furniture: Büro Klaus | Art: Nicholas Metivier Gallery