Rob Ley Studio Creates Oversized Wall Art In Downtown Atlanta

February 18, 2021
A large art installation on the side of a building.

Los Angeles-based artist Rob Ley, has recently completed ‘Pangaea’, a large artwork that was commissioned for the NCR Headquarters in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

A modern large scale art piece on the side of a building.

The art installation is made from a series of layered aluminum ribbons that interact with a field of points located throughout this exterior wall, creating a collection of interconnected nodes, hubs, and conduits.

A modern large scale mural on the side of a building.

Named after the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangaea, the artist explains, “this large-scale artwork is a collection of autonomous ‘islands’ that assemble into a singular, 3-story composition.”

A modern large scale mural on the side of a building in Downtown Atlanta.

The three-dimensional mural is made from painted aluminum, and measures in at 22 feet wide, 26 1/2 feet high, and has a depth of 1 foot.

A three-dimensional wall mural.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of how the art piece was designed.

Photography by Michael Hoefle and Brock Scott