This Room Divider Is An Artistic Screen Between The Dining Room And Entrance To The Home

March 3, 2020
An artistic bronze partition screen separates the dining room from the entryway of a modern house.

Walker Warner Architects together with interior designer Nicole Hollis completed this modern house in California, and included as part of the design, is a one-of-a-kind custom artistic room partition by artist Michele Oka Doner.

The Tiburon Bay View House has stairs leading from the front door down to the dining room, where guests are immediately greeted by the two-ton cast bronze screen.

An artistic and sculptural bronze screen separates the dining room from the stairs.

The formal dining room can be seen through the artistic screen, however due to the design of the partition, the natural light can travel through from the entryway and also from the dining room windows.

A formal dining room is separated from the stairs by a bronze partition screen.
Photography by Laure Joliet | Architecture: Walker Warner Architects (Principal: Brooks Walker, Senior Technical Architect: Anne Griffes, Project Managers: John Davis, Brian Lang, Architectural Staff: Anja Hämäläinen, Klara Kevane, Brian Friel) | Interior Design: Nicole Hollis | Builder: Van Acker Construction