Room Dividers Made From Rope Make This Restaurant A Unique Experience

August 24, 2020
Rope was used to create room dividers and a ceiling installation in a modern restaurant.

In an effort to provide a unique experience for customers at this restaurant, YOD Design Lab used rope as room dividers to create a special aesthetic.

The Odessa Restaurant, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, has a neutral color palette, that’s full of natural light, however it’s the rope room dividers that really draw attention.

Rope room dividers were used to create sections in a modern restaurant.

The rope, which has been cut at different lengths, creates a unique ceiling installation by using shorter lengths, while the longer lengths are used to create room dividers, allowing the seating areas to be turned into semi-private spaces.

A modern restaurant with rope room dividers and ceiling installation.

The ropes also continue as a ceiling installation that travels above different dining areas of the restaurant.

A modern restaurant with a rope ceiling installation.
Photography by Andrey Avdeenko