A Row Of Plants Along The Backsplash Adds A Green Touch To This Kitchen

September 26, 2020
A modern concrete kitchen countertop with matching backsplash and a row of plants.

Australian architecture and interior design firm studiofour, have completed the design of a kitchen as part of a larger project, and included in the kitchen is a row of plants that line the wall above the backsplash.

A modern grey kitchen with a wood island and concrete floors.

The kitchen has a neutral color palette with a long wood island, that transitions into the dining table due to the change in the height of the floor.

A modern kitchen with a wood island that transitions into a dining table.

The kitchen has minimalist grey cabinets and a concrete countertop, however, built into the design of the concrete backsplash is space for a row of plants.

A modern grey kitchen with a concrete countertop, wood island, a a row of plants against the wall.

From a distance, you’re able to see how the plants add a touch of greenery to the neutral interior.

A modern house with sliding glass walls.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos of the rest of the house, we’ve included them below.

Modern house with black door.
Modern living room with sliding glass walls.
Modern living room with wood chairs.
Modern living room with wood armchairs.
A modern living room with wood block coffee table, light colored brick, and concrete floor.
Modern living room with flowing curtains and wood block coffee table.
Sliding glass walls.
Long wood kitchen island with dining table incorporated.
Minimalist bedroom with ensuite bathroom.
Modern ensuite bathroom with round mirror.
Modern kids bedroom
Photography by Shannon McGrath