A House In California With A Ipe Wood Siding

January 24, 2019
A modern house with IPE wood screens.

American architecture firm ShubinDonaldson, have designed the Skyline Residence, a three-storey modern house in Santa Barbara, California, for their client, an industrial designer with a young family.

The home, located on a narrow hillside site, was built using a concrete and steel structural frame with Ipe wood screens, which also assist in cooling the house passively with ocean breezes.

Ipe wood screens cover the exterior of a modern house.

On the ground level of the home is the garage and laundry, while on the middle level are the bedrooms and bathrooms, and the top level of the home is dedicated to the social areas.

Connecting the various levels of the home is a central staircase that cuts up through the home, with a skylight above that allows daylight to penetrate the home and light it from within.

Steel and concrete stairs cut through the center of this house.

At the top of the stairs is the main living areas and the kitchen, that have panoramic Pacific Ocean views looking south and west.

A modern kitchen with an island that include a wood dining table in its design.
Photography by Jeremy Bitterman