Teal Walls And Gold Accents Provide The Aesthetic For This Store Design To Grab Attention

October 20, 2020
A modern retail store with teal blue walls.

Architecture Discipline has designed the transformation of a small residence, turned it into a retail store with teal walls and gold accents.

Located in Jodhpur, India, the building is an adaptive reuse of a conventional old city structure, with the northern facade masked in weathering steel which corresponds to the color and texture of the regional red sandstone.

An old residential building in India has been transformed into a retail store.

The interior of the retail store, named ‘Forest Essentials’, was inspired by Art Deco, however, it has been updated with a contemporary design by exaggerating color schemes and proportions.

A retail store entryway with teal walls and a gold logo.
A modern retail store entryway with teal walls, a gold logo, a gold bench, and patterned floor.

The designers mention, “The interiors are covered in a pastel green color which happens to belong to the brand’s festive catalogue”. Although the walls are pastel green, the light transforms them into a teal blue.

A modern retail store with teal blue walls, gold accents, and patterned lino flooring.
A modern retail store with bright teal blue/green walls and gold accents.

The introduction of brass and gold in the shelving, lighting, and spiral stairs, is representative of Art Deco design elements and is associated with the traditional interior finishes of Jodhpur.

Teal blue/green walls surround a gold colored spiral staircase.

The custom-designed shelves, which are painted with a gold finish, are mounted to the wall, while cabinets underneath provide storage for additional products.

A modern retail store with teal blue/green walls, gold shelving, spiral stairs, and patterned floor.
A modern retail store with teal blue/green walls and gold shelving.

The use of velvet and suede in the furniture brings a luxurious feeling to the space, while the floor is made from hand-cut and wax polished linoleum, which is an adaptation of an old mosaic inspired flooring pattern.

A modern retail store with teal walls, velvet chairs, and gold accents.
Photography and design by Architecture Discipline