The Dark Exterior Of This House In California Hides A Bright Interior

October 15, 2020
A modern house exterior with black-stained cedar siding.

Feldman Architecture designed a modern house in Portola Valley, California, that features a dark wood exterior.

A house exterior with black-stained cedar siding.

The house, designed for a young family with two children, has an H-shape plan and is surrounded by large oaks and redwoods

A modern house exterior with black-stained cedar siding and light wood sunscreens.

The dark exterior of the home showcases cedar siding that has been stained-black to create the desired look.

Black-stained cedar siding.

The home also features lighter wood sunscreens that have been integrated into its rear facade. These sunscreens not only contrast with the cedar siding, but also filter the sunlight into defined strips against the dark facade.

A modern house exterior with black-stained cedar siding, light wood sunscreens, and black planters.

Inside the home, there’s a bright interior with a wood floor and ceiling, and white walls.

A bright interior with wood front door, wood flooring, and wood sofa frame.
A modern hallway with wood floor, wood ceiling, and tall windows.
A modern interior with a light wood ceiling.
Photography: Joe Fletcher | Architect: Feldman Architecture | Contractor: Behrens-Curry Homes | Landscape Architect: Peter Rosenkrans Landscape Architecture | Structural Engineer: Strandberg Engineering | Civil Engineer: Lea & Braze Engineering