The Ultimate Gift Guide With Over 50 Ideas For Interior Designers, Architects, And Design Lovers

November 2, 2023
Finding a gift for an interior designer, architect, or design lover can sometimes be a difficult task, so we’ve put together a collection of more than 50 gift ideas to make your life easier.

Finding a gift for an interior designer, architect, or design lover can sometimes be a difficult task, so we’ve put together a collection of more than 50 gift ideas to make your life easier.

Let’s take a look at the various gifts we’ve found ranging from fashion and home decor to kitchenware and stationery.

Style Gift Ideas Including Fashion, Watches, Jewelry, And Bags

Modern Gift Idea - Double circle ear jacket earrings
Double Circle Ear Jacket Earrings from OhanaJewels

Modern Gift Idea - Enamel Pins, tie clip, and cuff links
The “Most Useless 1:42? Scale Bar” and The “Section Line CAD Symbol” Enamel Pin from ThePinPrick

Modern Gift Idea - A City Backpack
City Backpack from LeatherByNataly

Modern Gift Idea - A wooden bow tie
A box with a wooden bow tie, cufflinks and a suit pocket from DeerWoodOriginal

Modern Gift Idea - A Geometric Locket Necklace
Geometric Locket from GingerlyDesigns

Modern Gift Idea - A Leather Woven Bag
Leather Woven Bag from Karolzs

Modern Gift Idea - A Minimal Watch
Minimal Watch from VertmaxDesign

Modern Gift Idea - Leather portfolio
Leather Portfolio from CALEATHERSTORE

Modern Gift Idea - Architect Socks
Set of 5 Pairs of Architect Socks from the DodoSocksShop

Modern Gift Idea - leather tote bag
Leather Tote Bag from SanumiLeather

Modern Gift Idea - Leather notepad holder
Leather Notepad Holder from CALEATHERSTORE

Modern Gift Idea - minimalist jewelry
Minimalist Rings from BJewelry

Modern Gift Idea - Minimalist round wood tray
Roto Minimalist Round Tray from DesignCraftWorkshop

Modern Gift Idea - Beaded Necklace
Beaded Necklace from VALAY

Kitchenware Gift Ideas Including Trays, Mugs, Espresso Cups, Coasters, And More

Modern Gift Idea - Small wood serving tray
Small Wood Serving Tray from beige.

Modern Gift Idea - Salt and Pepper Pinch Bowls
CYBUS – set of 2 salt and pepper pinch bowls from MimiLaRouleuse

Modern Gift Idea - Espresso Cups
4 Round Espresso Cups from 1220CeramicsStudio

Modern Gift Idea - HEX Gold Concrete Coasters
HEX Gold Concrete Coasters from mindtheminimal

Modern Gift Idea - Matte Ceramic Dinnerware
The Matte Ceramic Dinnerware Collection from SunnysShopLA

Modern Gift Idea - The Mid-Mod Glassware set.
The Mid-Mod Set from PretentiousBeerGlass

Modern Gift Idea - Ceramic Mugs
Ceramic Sail Away Mug by LibbyBallardCeramics

Office Gift Ideas Including Notebooks, Pencils, Cases, And Desk Accessories

Modern Gift Idea - Steel and wood headphone stand.
Wood and Steel Headphone Stand from BeaverPeak

Modern Gift Idea - Set of letterpress notebooks
Set of 3 Pocket Letterpress Notebooks from PorchlightPress

Modern Gift Idea - A minimalist pen
Minimalist Steel Pen from STOBERI

Modern Gift Idea - Squiggle Desk Organizer
Squiggle Organizer from LawaDesign

Modern Gift Idea - A room by room home planner
Luxury Room By Room Home Planner from MyMethodical

Modern Gift Idea - A floating pen.
Hoverpen Interstellar Edition from NoviumDesigns

Modern Gift Idea - Pen Holders / Desk Accessories
Pen Holders by MinimumDesign

Modern Gift Idea - Concrete business card holder
Concrete Business Card Holder from CedarandStoneGarden

Modern Gift Idea - an architect journal.
Architect Journal from MarkOnDark

Modern Gift Idea - recycled newspaper pencils.
Recycled newspaper pencils from PARWANAPaper

Modern Gift Idea - A hand crafted leather travel journal and organizer.
Hand Crafted Leather Travel Journal and Organizer from MegaGear

Home Decor Gift Ideas Including Clocks, Candles, Vases, Planters, And Bookends

Modern Gift Idea - A minimalist desk clock
Minimalist Desk Clock from Sprout & About

Modern Gift Idea - A soy wax candle for a future interior designer.
It’s Giving Future Interior Designer Soy Wax Candle from olivewickCandles

Modern Gift Idea - A city landscape building plant pot
City landscape building plant pot from GoblinCraftLondon

Modern Gift Idea - Textured Terracotta Scented Candles
Textured Terracotta Scented Candles from LaDecoree

Modern Gift Idea - Ceramic Vases
Serenity Ceramic Vase from Orgamo

Modern Gift Idea - A wood magazine rack
Magazine Rack from offcutstudio

Modern Gift Idea - A set of four succulent planters
Set of 4 small indoor planters from MinimumDesign

Modern Gift Idea - A wooden tabletop bookshelf.
Wooden Tabletop Bookshelf by WoodenSelections

Modern Gift Idea - A Set Of Nine Miniature Concrete Homes
A Set of Nine Miniature Concrete Homes from Mim Studio

Modern Gift Idea - Set of Natural Wood Vases
Set of three natural wood vases from SoniNoel

Modern Gift Idea - A Minimalist Plant Pot with Stand
Minimalist Plant Pot with Stand from LuxeLifeDecor

Fun Gift Ideas Including Models, Playing Cards And Puzzles

Modern Gift Idea - A Miniature Drafting Table Model Kit
Miniature Drafting Table Model Kit from HouhaDesigns

Modern Gift Idea - A Concrete Chess Set
Concrete Chess Set from HouseofCrete

Modern Gift Idea - The Design Deck Playing Cards
The Design Deck: Playing Card Guide to Graphic Design from KnowhowDesigns

Modern Gift Idea - An abstract mountain jigsaw puzzle
Abstract Mountains Wood Jigsaw Puzzle from BewildernessPuzzles

Foodie Gift Ideas Including Chocolates, Candy, And More

Modern Gift Idea - A Chocolate Collection
Martin’s Chocolatier Weird and Wonderful Luxury Chocolate Collection from Martin’s Chocolatier

Modern Gift Idea - Food Crayons
Box of 6 Food Crayons by Food Crayon

Modern Gift Idea - BBQ Grill Accessory
MyGrillie 2-Pack from MyGrillie

Modern Gift Idea - Handmade Candy
The Gemmies Handmade Kohakutou Candy from Silky Gem

And Here Are Some Wrapping Ideas For Your Gifts…

Modern wrapping paper
Risograph printed wrapping paper from Milk Thistle Paper Co.

Furoshiki reusable gift wrapping cloth
Furoshiki reusable gift wrapping Japanese wrapping cloth from OlsenolsenDesign

Modern gift wrapping
Abstract Gift Wrap from WrappedStudios