Thick Concrete Walls Give This New Home A Strong Presence

September 30, 2021
A modern house design with an off-white exterior, wood and steel accents, and a swimming pool.

Ramón Esteve Estudio has recently completed a modern house in a small town near Barcelona, Spain.

Located on a very steep slope with an abundance of pine, oak, and olive trees, the home acts as a shelter for its owners, a place where they can withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the city and its hectic daily life.

A modern house with an outdoor space with kitchen / bbq and a dining area, and an infinity edge swimming pool.

Heavy external concrete walls serve as a protective shell from the access road and the neighboring houses, while one side of the home is opened to the slope and the forest.

A modern shaded outdoor space with kitchen / bbq and a dining area.

The landscaped yard includes an infinity-edge pool, a shaded barbecue, an outdoor dining area, a play area, and gardens.

A modern shaded outdoor space with kitchen / bbq and a dining area.
A modern infinity edge swimming pool.

The materials chosen for the house help to integrate it into the landscape. The concrete walls have an off-white
color, similar to the local stone, while the wood and the weathering steel featured on the outside of the house recalls the trees.

A modern living room with a double-height bookshelf.

Inside the home, the wood chosen is lighter, bringing a sense of warmth into the house.

A modern house with a large sliding glass door that connects the interior and outdoor spaces.

The double-height living room is dominated by a large bookcase and separated from the dining room by a double-sided fireplace.

A modern living room with a double-height bookshelf and a see-through fireplace.
A modern home interior with a double-sided fireplace.

The bedrooms are on the first floor, where the sunlight and the views are controlled by sliding louvered shutters.

A modern home with a wood and off-white interior opens to a patio via a sliding door.
Photography: Mariela Apollonio | Architect: Ramón Esteve | Project Team: Estefanía Pérez, Jacobo Mompó, Anna Boscà, María Parra, Fran Palomo / Building Engineer: Emilio Pérez, Carolina Tarazona / Partners: Juan Pedro Jimenez Monteagudo, David Gimeno Asensio, Vicente García García | Construction: Salichs Construccio