A Treetop Canopy Walk In Portugal Provides A Unique View Of The Trees

August 18, 2020
A treetop canopy walk in Portugal.

Walking through the trees is one way to relax on a nice day, and this ‘Canopy Walkway’ designed by Carlos Castanheira of CC&CB Architects makes it easy to do.

Walk through the trees on a treetop canopy walk in Portugal.

Located within Serralves Park in Porto, Portugal, the wood walkway rises through the trees and then weaves visitors through the treetops.

A treetop canopy walk in Portugal gives visitors a unique view.

A wood structure provides support for the walkway and balustrades, and over time, the trees will surround the canopy walk even more.

A raised wood walkway weaves through the treetops of a park in Portugal.

The walkway, which is wide enough to accommodate prams and wheelchairs, has a variety of seating areas for relaxing along the way.

A treetop canopy walk weaves it way through the trees for amazing views.

At night, spaced out lighting highlights the walk, making it the ideal place for a romantic stroll while the sun goes down.

A treetop canopy walk in Portugal has lighting for nighttime strolls.

Photography by Fernando Guerra (FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura) | Architects: Carlos Castanheira | Office: CC&CB – Architects, Lda. | Project Architect: Nuno Rodrigues | Project Team: Filipe Mota, Diana Velho, Catarina Araújo, Gil Lima | Structural Project: Paulo Fidalgo – HDP,Lda | Structural Project Team: Rui Almeida, Paulo Cachim, Pedro Neto | ITED Project: Fernando Ferreira – Gatengel, Lda | Contractor: Portilame, Lda