An Upholstered Headboard Lines The Walls Of This Bedroom

March 5, 2020
A modern master bedroom with an upholstered wraparound headboard.

Design studio Egue y Seta have recently completed a house in Corbera de Llobregat, Barcelona, and in the master bedroom, they included a wraparound headboard that wraps around the room.

The upholstered headboard with vertical padded sections, partially lines the wall behind the bed and wraps around to the adjacent wall.

A modern master bedroom with a grey upholstered headboard.

The headboard also has warm wood accent pieces, that create a dedicated place for the bedside lamps, and complement the floating bedside table, that also has hidden lighting underneath it.

A grey and wood upholstered headboard for a modern master bedroom.

Alongside the wall is a wood bench with a grey cushion, while above the upholstered section of the wall are two minimalist wall art pieces.

A modern wood bench with a grey cushion and minimalist line artwork on the wall above.
Photographer: VICUGO FOTO | Design: Egue y Seta – With direct involvement of: Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo, Laura Fernández, Emma Charles, Diana García, Sarah Salas, Maria Escobar and Veronica Galli. | Construction Company: Rehabidi | Carpentry: Disseny 9evo