An Impressive Urban Farm Has Been Created On This Building’s Rooftop

August 20, 2020
A terraced rooftop landscape design creates an urban farm in Thailand.

An urban farm has been created by landscape architecture and urban design firm LANDPROCESS, by re-purposing 236,806 sq. ft. of what is normally just wasted rooftop space in Bangkok, Thailand.

Inspired by traditional rice terraces, the Thammasat University Rooftop Farm (TURF) includes various levels with separate spaces for sustainable food production and public spaces, and at the same time incorporates renewable energy, organic waste, and water management.

A urban farm is located on a rooftop in Thailand.

The roof is equipped with solar panels, capable of producing up to 500,000 watts per hour to irrigate the urban farm and power the building beneath it.

A terraced landscape creates an organic farm on an unused rooftop.

The variety of food grown on the rooftop goes towards feeding the students on campus, and the zigzag paths provide a place to socialize.

A rooftop farm with a terraced landscape design inspired by rice fields.

A plethora of herbs, shrubs, and trees have been planted on the rooftop, including lemongrass, okra, rice, and many others.

A terraced rooftop farm with herbs, shrubs, and trees, that grow food for students.

Here’s a glimpse of the design of the terraced sections, and how the water travels through them. The cascading rooftop absorbs, filters, and slows down water runoff 20 times more efficiently than conventional concrete rooftops, and at the end of its journey, four retention ponds await, where they store excessive rainfall for future use during drought.

A terraced landscape on an unused rooftop draws inspiration from traditional rice terraces.
Photography by Panoramic Studio / LANDPROCESS