Wood Slats On The Walls Give This Home’s Interior A Distinct Look

September 8, 2020
A wood slat wall that includes a window seat, a reading nook, a loft, and plenty of hidden storage.

Pablo Munoz Paya Arquitectos designed an interior with wood slat walls that line the space containing the living room, kitchen, and dining room, as a way of adding a natural element to the space.

Starting at one end, there’s a built-in window seat with a bookshelf.

A window seat with a bookshelf that are surrounded by wood slats.

In the corner of the room, there’s a reading nook with benches and white wood slats that cover the windows for privacy. Lighting along the ceiling helps to create a really bright space, while in both the window seat and the reading nook, the white wood slats can be opened to easily access the windows.

A corner reading nook with benches and wood slats.

Above the corner reading nook is a small loft area that’s accessed by a ladder, which can also be used to access the multiple cabinets above the window seat.

A wood slat wall with a loft, corner reading nook, window bench, and plenty of hidden storage.

The wood slat wall continues to include a recessed television that has storage cabinets above and below it.

A wood slat wall surrounds a television and includes hidden storage.

Ending in the kitchen, the wood slat wall covers the windows, however, it can be opened to access the windows and let the natural light in.

A wood slat wall covers the windows in this kitchen, but can be easily opened to let more natural light through.
Photography by Natalia Blanco Fotografia | Architecture, Project Management, And Interior Design: Pablo Munoz Paya Arquitectos