These Wood Stairs Have A Strip Of Lighting Built Into The Wall

October 8, 2020
Lighting has been built into the wall alongside the stairs.

IwamotoScott Architecture designed a modern house in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, where they integrated into the design of the stairs a strip of minimalist lighting.

During the day, the wood stairs receive natural light that filters down from a skylight above.

Modern wood stairs.

At night, a strip of lighting follows the line of the stairs and the handrail, making it easier to see when climbing the stairs.

Modern wood stair lit by lighting built into the wall.

The strip of lighting also has a seamless design as it’s built into the wall.

Modern wood stairs with lighting built into the wall.
Photography by Craig Scott | IwamotoScott Principals: Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott / Project Team: Pierre Barral, Sean Canty, Matthew Kendall, Trevor Larsen