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TETRARC have designed HUB CREATIC, a building located in Nantes, France, that is dedicated to young companies developing new digital applications.


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Rob Ley designs an interactive art facade

Rob Ley of Urbana Studio has recently completed May-September, an interactive art facade made from 7,000 angled metal panels attached to a parking structure at the new Eskenazi Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You can watch a video about the project – here


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House in Kings Cross by BORTOLOTTO

Toronto architecture firm BORTOLOTTO designed a contemporary home in King City, Canada.


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SoundCloud Headquarters by KINZO

KINZO have recently completed the new SoundCloud headquarters in Berlin, Germany.


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The Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) has acquired Explosion, a new kinetic cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz.

Explosion will be one of the centerpieces of the exhibition Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again, which opens September 6th.


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KORBAN/FLAUBERT opens new gallery space

KORBAN/FLAUBERT have created a new gallery space above their workshop in Sydney, Australia.


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Dalvey House by Guz Architects

Guz Architects have designed the Dalvey House for a family in Singapore.


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Hamersley Road Residence by Studio 53

Studio 53 have recently completed the conversion of an early 1900′s Australian workers cottage into a modern family residence.


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Nina Lindgren creates a floating city from cardboard

Stockholm-based artist Nina Lindgren has created a cardboard sculpture named ‘Floating City’.

You can watch a video of the installation – here


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3 Whimsical Rugs From Permafrost Studio

Permafrost Studio have designed three whimsical rugs, each with their own story.


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Casa das Gerais by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados

Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados designed a home for an art collector in Nova Lima, Brazil.


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Double High House by Checkwitch Poiron Architects

Checkwitch Poiron Architects have designed the Double High House in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.


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The Cortes Island Residence by Balance Associates

Balance Associates designed a residence on Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada.


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Fire Station Doetinchem by Bekkering Adams Architecte

Bekkering Adams Architecte have recently completed a fire station in Doetinchem, Netherlands.


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Bluff House by Inarc Architects

Inarc Architects have designed the Bluff House, a 2 level residence in Flinders, Australia.


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