Put Shelves Where You Want Them With These Zigzag Slots

Designer Steffen Kehrle has created a wooden shelf that has zigzag pattern side panels so that you can easily move the shelves.


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André Simón Designs A Whimsical Clothes Rack That Looks Like A Llama

Spanish designer André Simón has created LLAMA, a fun way to keep your clothes off the floor.


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Umami Table by Sofia Almqvist

Sofia Almqvist of design studio Kompaniet has created Umami, a carved out wooden table with custom ceramic and glass table top items that fit perfectly into the ‘scoops’ of the table.


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Benjamin Lemarié Has Designed Stools That Slot Together For Easy Storage

French designer Benjamin Lemarié of La Subtile has created Tabouret LS01, a painted metal stool with an airy profile.


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Iceberg Shelves by Lucas Stoppele and Jean-Charles Kien

Designers Lucas Stoppele and Jean-Charles Kien have collaborated to create MSGS, a collection of shelves inspired by icebergs.


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This Sculpture Is Designed For Kids To Climb On

Suppose Design Office have designed Forest Loops, a sculptural playground in Hamakita, Japan.


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