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Sails Park Benches by Les Ateliers Guyon

Les Ateliers Guyon has designed a group of benches that are located along the bank of the St. Lawrence River in the City of Verchères, Canada.


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Innesti by Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri

Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri have designed Innesti, a decorative item that will be exhibited during the upcoming Stockholm Design Week.


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Simon Says by Aqua Creations

Aqua Creations have designed Simon Says, a collection of wall lamps made from natural silk as part of their Mino Collection.


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Colibri by Markus Johansson for HansK

Markus Johansson has designed the Colibri chair for Swedish manufacturer HansK.


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Sofist by Sule Koc Design

Instanbul based industrial designer Sule Koc has created a sofa named Sofist.


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Tufted Bench by Joy Charbonneau and Derek McLeod

Joy Charbonneau and Derek McLeod have designed a wooden bench that appears to look like a tufted cushion.


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Coterie Stool by Daniel Duarte

Portuguese designer Daniel Duarte has created the Coterie Stool.


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Angkor Table Collection by Olivier Dollé

Paris-based Olivier Dollé has designed a coffee table, dining table and writing desk called Angkor.


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Kulle by Stefanie Schissler

German designer Stefanie Schissler has created a day bed with a bumpy surface named Kulle.


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Vloed by Studio Segers

Belgium-based Studio Segers has designed Vloed, a fruit tray made from wood.



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Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera

Design studio Desnahemisfera has designed Symbiosis, a bathtub with a built-in washbasin for Kerrock by Kolpa.


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Maria Chair by Raul Herrera Téllez

Raul Herrera Téllez of Arquiteknia has designed the Maria Chair.


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Zero pendant by Oxidation Lab

London-based design studio Oxidation Lab have created the Zero Pendant from spun metal.


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PlatDePa by Andreu Carulla Studio

Andreu Carulla Studio have designed PlatDePa, a bread plate made from aluminum for restaurant
El Celler de Can Roca.


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Armin Chair by Dorothee Mainka

German designer Dorothee Mainka has created an armchair named Armin.


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