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A Cotton in the Air by Studio JEILPARK

Studio JEILPARK have designed a chair called ‘A Cotton in the Air”.


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CU! by Avinash Shende for Wilde+Spieth

Avinash Shende has designed the CU! chair for Wilde+Spieth.


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Hardened Leather Chair by Nikolaj Steenfatt

Copenhagen-based Nikolaj Steenfatt has designed the Hardened Leather Chair.


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The X Table by Christopher Duffy

London-based designer Christopher Duffy has created the X Table.


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Wave Stool by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for HAYMANN

Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova have designed the Wave Stool for ‘Haymann editions’ 2013.

The Wave stool is made from hand-blown glass with a cork bottom and is available in silvered or simple coloured glass.


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Netframe by Cate & Nelson for OFFECCT

Designers Cate & Nelson have created the Netframe sofa and easy chair for OFFECCT.


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Snug by Kumeko

Prague-based Kumeko have created Snug, a cozy shell that surrounds the person within.


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Dent Chair by o4i DesignStudio for Blå Station

Stockholm-based o4i DesignStudio has created the Dent Chair for Blå Station.


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Wave Series by Merganzer Furniture

Toronto-based Merganzer Furniture have introduced a new line of tables called the Wave Series.


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Bronco Stool by Guillaume Delvigne for super-ette

As part of their 2013 Collection, Guillaume Delvigne has designed the Bronco Stool for super-ette.


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The Button Collection by John Reeves

John Reeves of REEVESdesign has created the Button Collection.


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‘Homework’ Work Table by Tomas Kral for super-ette

As part of their 2013 Collection, Tomas Kral has designed ‘Homework’, a cast aluminium and ash work table for super-ette.


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Nest Sofa by lagranja

lagranja have created the Nest Sofa for manufacturer KOO International.


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Kork Tables and Lighting by Twodesigners

Based in Liège (Belgium), Twodesigners have created Kork, a family of objects made from cork.


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Dodai Benches by Peter Marigold

Designer Peter Marigold has created the Dodai benches, made from Igusa (a type of woven grass) and Hiba (wood from a Japanese cypress).


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