A Side Table With Space For A Cat To Sleep Under

Inspired by their cats desire to sleep on or under something, Levantin Design have created a side table named KRATER.


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A Stool Made From Straw By Juan Cappa

Designer Juan Cappa has created the Straw Stool, available in a large and small size, it’s made made from straw, plywood and metal.


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Armin Chair by Dorothee Mainka

German designer Dorothee Mainka has created an armchair named Armin.


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Sculptural Benches by dEEP Architects

dEEP Architects designed these sculptural benches for an office in Beijing, China.


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Pebble Table by Mikhail Belyaev

Mikhail Belyaev has designed the Pebble Table for Karat and Samsung Staron, for St.Petersburg Design Week 2013.


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Quartz Armchair by CTRLZAK and Davide Barzaghi

Greek design studio CTRLZAK have collaborated with Davide Barzaghi to create the Quartz Armchair.


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