Fragmented Crack Coffee Table by Based Upon

London designers Based Upon have created the Fragmented Crack Coffee Table.


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Seven Questions with Jory Brigham

California-based Jory Brigham took a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions for us about being a furniture designer / maker.


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Torque desk by I M Lab

London-based Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad from I M Lab have designed the Torque Desk.


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Rolha Side Table by Gonçalo Campos

Portuguese product designer Gonçalo Campos has created the Rolha side table.


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Custom Contemporary Bunk Beds by SPACE Architects

These custom designed contemporary bunk beds were included in a house renovation by Chicago-based SPACE Architects + Planners.


Nine Questions with Matthias Pliessnig

We had the opportunity to ask Matthias Pliessnig some questions about his work as a designer.


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