Martin Gallagher Designs A Chest Of Drawers With Hand-Sculpted Channels

Irish designer Martin Gallagher, has created Cascade, a chest of drawers that features hand-sculpted elements inspired by the sea.

Cascade By Martin Gallagher

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Estrela Collection By Estudio Campana And A Lot Of Brasil

The Campana Brothers have collaborated with the furniture company A Lot Of Brasil, to create the Estrela Collection, that was inspired by the shape of the ‘bolacha-do-mar‘ or Sand Dollar, a close relative of a starfish.

Estrela Collection By Estudio Campana and A Lot Of Brasil

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Seating With Built-In Chargers For Your Devices

Jangier Maddadi Design Bureau have launched Space during Milan Design Week 2015. Space is a furniture piece with eight built-in seats, each that allow you to charge your devices as you sit and relax by yourself or chat with a friend.

Space by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

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Design Detail – Upholstered Headboards That Wrap Around To The Ceiling

Hey contemporist friends! Here’s a good example of a popular design detail we’re seeing a lot of these days. When Studio Gaia designed the new W Hotel in Bogota, Colombia, a common theme among the rooms are these upholstered headboards that create visual interest by drawing the eye up the wall and wrapping around to the ceiling.

Upholstered Headboard That Wraps Around To The Ceiling

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Planer Concrete Bench By Brandon Gore

Last week, we featured a concrete coffee table by Brandon Gore, and now we would like to introduce you to his Planer Bench. It’s also made from concrete, and is designed and produced in his studio in Tempe, Arizona.

Planer Concrete Bench by Brandon Gore

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A Chair That Doubles As A Lamp By Javier Mariscal

Designer Javier Mariscal has created SABINAS, a combination of a lamp and a chair, for the Spanish manufacturer VONDOM.

SABINAS By Javier Mariscal For VONDOM

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