This unique hanging chair design is made from black volcanic basalt fibre

Designer Raimonds Cirulis of Maffam has created the dramatic looking Ibis Hanging Chair, that's made from volcanic basalt fibre and natural resin.

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Kids Bedroom Design Idea – Include A Cubby Or Reading Nook For Them To Play In

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas - Include A Cubby Or Reading Nook For Them To Play In

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This Birdhouse Inspired Side Table Is Designed For Reading

Designed with multi-functionality in mind, the Birdhouse Cabinet by Lianne Siebring of Siebring & Zoetmulder Design Products, is a side table, light fixture, book marker, and storage solution all in one simple structure.

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Unique Modern Furniture Design – Paul Ketz Designs Marshmallow Stools

Unique Modern Furniture Design - Inspired by the value and power of play, German product designer Paul Ketz has created Marshmallow - a steel framed stool covered with a soft foam seat that mimics the look of fluffy marshmallow creme.

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Ancient New Zealand Wood Was Combined With Resin To Create This Unique Table Top

An Ancient New Zealand Wood Has Been Combined With Resin To Create A Unique Table Top

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This Outdoor Hammock Rocker Is Designed To Also Be A Soccer/Football Goal

This Fun And Bright Outdoor Hammock Can Also Be A Soccer Goal

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