A Built-In Bench And Desk Complete The Window In This Bedroom

July 16, 2020
A wood desk and bench are located underneath next to a window.

When designing the interior of this house, Alexandra Buchanan Architecture made efficient use of the available space in the bedroom by including a built-in desk and bench window seat.

Mimicking the frame around the bed, a second wood frame lines the wall and ceiling around the window, creating a dedicated area for the custom designed desk and bench.

A modern bedroom with a built-in desk and window seat.

Looking out onto the street, the wood desk top is slightly higher than the bench, however it lines up with the bottom of the window frame to avoid blocking the view. On a hot day, the louver windows above the window seat can be opened to allow the breeze to flow through, making it a comfortable spot to relax.

A wood-lined built-in desk and bench are positioned next to a window.
Photography by Andy MacPherson Studio