A Covered Outdoor Conversation Pit Makes Room For A Lounge, Fire Table, Planters, And A Dining Area

July 8, 2020
A covered outdoor sunken conversation pit with built-in steel planters, a U-shaped lounge, a fire table, and dining area.

As part of the landscape design for a home in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, Weber Arquitectos created this outdoor sunken conversation pit and dining area.

Covered by a pergola, the conversation pit includes a U-shaped lounge that wraps around the interior edge and looks out towards the dining area.

A modern outdoor conversation pit covered by a pergola.

On a sunny day, the pergola casts striped shadows on the space, while on cooler nights, a fire table keeps things warm. Steel planters have been built into the design of the conversation pit, helping to create a lush green accent.

An outdoor conversation pit with fire table, dining area, lounge, and planters.
Photographer: Sergio López | Architect: Weber Arquitectos | Lead architect: Fernando Weber | Lead interior designer: Anina Schulte-Trux |Project management (architecture): Enrique Hernández González | Project management (interior design): Paola Pérez Hadad | Construction: Weber Arquitectos |Construction Management: Gerardo Vázquez Cisneros | Design team: Estefanía Romano, Fernanda Martínez, Ana Paula