A Hidden Home Office Has Been Included In The Design Of This Kitchen

September 22, 2020
A modern kitchen with a computer monitor hidden in one of the cabinets to create a small home office.

In a small apartment in New York, architecture firm pulltab included a small home office as part of the kitchen design.

The kitchen has a simple white and grey color palette, however one of the cabinets is hiding a computer monitor.

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and grey countertops.

At the end of the kitchen peninsula and matching the surrounding cabinets, is a simple storage cabinet for a monitor on a movable arm. When the computer monitor is being used, the home owner can sit at the lowered section of the counter as it’s the correct height for a desk, creating a small home office for the apartment.

When not in use, the monitor can simply be placed back into the cabinet along with the keyboard and other work items, keeping the space clean and tidy.

A computer monitor is hidden within the kitchen cabinets, creating a small home office.
Photography by Mikiko Kikuyama