A Loft Bed Made Space For Extra Storage In This Small Apartment

October 1, 2020
A micro apartment with a small kitchen, slide out desk, and loft bed.

Interior design firm Bicbloc has transformed a Victorian terraced house with 11 bedsits, into 14 serviced small apartments.

Located in West Hampstead, London, the 193 square feet (18 sqm) small apartments have a smart layout to maximize the available space.

A small apartment with a loft bed.

The small apartment consists of various volumes that all intersect with each other, and include the bed, kitchen, bathroom, and storage.

A wood cabinet has a closet with foldable doors and a small desk/dining table that slides out.

A small apartment with a loft bed and slide out table.

Behind the foldable doors is the kitchen, which includes a fridge, hob, oven-microwave, and shelves.

A micro apartment with a small kitchen, loft bed, and slide out table / desk.

The loft bed enables additional storage to be included in the design, while outlets have been incorporated into the stairs.

A small apartment with a loft bed that has storage underneath.

The apartment also has a small porcelain-tiled bathroom with a walk-in shower.

A small bathroom with walk-in shower.
Photography: Laura Encinas | Design: Bicbloc