An Outdoor Furniture Collection Was Made By 3D Printing With Concrete

July 28, 2020
A white concrete outdoor couch made using 3D printing techniques.

Interior Designer Kara Mann has commissioned designer Philipp Aduatz to create a collection of custom-made concrete furniture pieces for a private client in Chicago.

The collection includes two sofas, two chairs, and a 24-foot-long bench that’s been divided into three segments.

A modern outdoor furniture collection made from 3D printed white concrete.

Each piece in the collection would be used as permanent outdoor furniture, and as such, white concrete was used as the chosen material for the 3D printing.

A 3D printed outdoor sofa that's made fro white concrete.

Working together with Austrian start-up incremental3d, each piece in the collection had to have a minimum thickness to create a stable structure. A combination of glass fiber rods and carbon textile was also seamlessly integrated into the design for reinforcement.

A pair of 3D printed outdoor chairs made from concrete.

By using 3D printing techniques, the furniture was able to be designed with comfortable curves and a textured finish.

A 3D printed white concrete outdoor bench.
Photography © Paris Tsitsos