A TV Idea For Small Spaces Is Hidden In This Tiny House

July 24, 2020
A great idea for including a tv in small space is to hide it within a cabinet, like this tiny house does at the end of the bed.

When living in a small space like a tiny house or a small apartment, finding a dedicated area for a TV can be a challenge. But inside this tiny house, they’ve found a solution.

Due to the lack of available wall space in the house, the TV has been hidden within a small white cabinet at the end of the bed.

A television is hidden within a white cabinet at the end of this bed.

When not in use, the hidden television is out of sight, but when needed, it can be raised from within a custom-built cabinet via remote control, and uses either the window or the white blinds as a backdrop.

A television rises up from within a small cabinet at the end of the bed.

Take a tour of this tiny house in Atlanta, Georgia, found on Airbnb, by watching a video from YouTuber Levi Kelly as he takes a look around.