Vinyl Record Storage Ideas To Keep Your LP Collection Organized

March 9, 2020
Vinyl record storage ideas - tall towers, to crates, and table top solutions.

Lena and Dmitry of DesignAtelierArticle have created a collection of furniture for vinyl record storage.

Minimalist vinyl record storage cube made from black metal.

Ukrainian made, their designs range from towering four tiers units, to cubes on wheels, and tabletop designs.

A minimalist black metal cube with wheels for storing vinyl records.

The LP storage solutions offered all have hand-welded metal frames, some left as natural metal, while others are painted in bright colors.

A minimalist cube on wheels for storing vinyl records.

The smallest storage cube holds 70 records, however the tallest tower can hold around 280 records.

A standalone solution for vinyl record storage.

Due to their minimalist design, they would suit any music room, and be ideal for showing off a curated record collection.

This towering piece of furniture is designed for vinyl record storage.