The Wood Slat Exterior Of This Seaside House Was The Result Of A Chance Meeting In A Bookshop

July 20, 2020
A house with a cedar wood slat facade has black accents and overhanging roof eaves.

Alec Petros Studio has designed a seaside California house that’s covered in cedar wood slats for his client, whom he met in a bookshop.

Alec explains “This project came about when I happened to meet the owner of the property at a local bookstore. We serendipitously picked up the same architecture book, and then struck up a conversation. It turned out he was looking for someone to design his home. It was clear we had a similar design aesthetic, and so we decided to continue the conversation.”

A modern house with cedar siding and overhanging roof eaves.

With his clients being from Australia, they drew inspiration from the Australian architecture scene and included various elements into the house design, like overhanging eaves, an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, and the wood slat facade.

The wood siding is composed of vertical cedar boards that are attached to a horizontal sleeper system. This creates an air gap between the siding and the water-proofing, and allows sunlight to heat the boards without transferring a majority of that heat into the building itself.

A house with wood slat siding opens up to to outdoor spaces and is accented by black details like the window frames.

The wood siding was also chosen due to it being a durable material to use in a humid-coastal region, as well as being a material that would age gracefully over time.

Deep roof eaves meet the wood siding that's made from cedar.
Photography by Tim Melideo | Designer : Alec Petros Studio | Builder: Nielsen Builders | Lighting Designer & Interior Collaborator: Ryann Swan Design | Structural Engineer: Patterson Engineering | Landscape Designer: Schnetz Landscape