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Armada High Armchair by Zoran Jedrejcic for Hookl und Stool

Zoran Jedrejcic has designed the Armada High Armchair for manufacturer Hookl und Stool.


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Dandy by Studio BAAG

Studio BAAG have designed Dandy, a stool/low table made from cedar and laser-cut metal.


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Cageling by Ontwerpduo

Ontwerpduo have designed a hanging chair named Cageling.


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Planet-O Lamp by Divisual

Divisual have designed the Planet-O Lamp, made from metal discs welded by hand.


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Desert Rose Lamp by Marta Morozzi for Divisual

Designer Marta Morozzi has created the Desert Rose Lamp for manufacturer Divisual.


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Cloud Table by STUDIO MAKS

Recently shown during Milan Design Week, was the Cloud Table designed by STUDIO MAKS.

The table was produced by the Fiction Factory, in collaboration with Ventura Lambrate and supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.


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Coffee table by Sandro Lopez

Sandro Lopez has designed a coffee table that has a sculptural base made from wood.


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Bloemi by Mario Alessiani for Formabilio

Mario Alessiani has designed a pendant lamp named Bloemi for Formabilio.


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Dunes Bowl by Alessandro Isola

Alessandro Isola has used 3D printing to create the Dunes Bowl.


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Land by Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti

Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti have designed a bench made from Carrara marble that was cut by water jet.


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Bloom by Jun Murakoshi

Jun Murakoshi has designed Bloom, a collection of vases and bowls that combines embroidery and glass blowing.


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Æsh & Tweed by Georg Œhler Design

Georg Œhler has designed the Æsh & Tweed collection that includes an armchair, footstool and coffee table.


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CATable by Ruan Hao

Ruan Hao has designed the CATable, that allows your cat to enjoy the table as much as you.


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Levante by Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli has designed a collection of bowls made from ceramic and cork.


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Motus by Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro has designed Motus, a table/wheelbarrow hybrid made from Tulipwood.


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