This Sculpture Is Designed For Kids To Climb On

Suppose Design Office have designed Forest Loops, a sculptural playground in Hamakita, Japan.


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A Side Table With Space For A Cat To Sleep Under

Inspired by their cats desire to sleep on or under something, Levantin Design have created a side table named KRATER.


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A Stool Made From Straw By Juan Cappa

Designer Juan Cappa has created the Straw Stool, available in a large and small size, it’s made made from straw, plywood and metal.


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Dan Yeffet Designs A Luminous Nugget From Marble And Brass

Designer Dan Yeffet has launched his D/Light, a table lamp made from marble and brass for French company, Collection Particuliere.


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Heart Shaped Bike Racks Installed In London

Artist Graham McLoughlin together with cycle rack manufacturer Cyclehoop, have created #HeartsOfLondon, an installation of 14 heart-shaped bike racks placed throughout London in support of the British Heart Foundation.

For our British readers, the installation includes an Instagram competition that can be followed @borough_cc or #HeartsOfLondonhl_110215_02

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MECCANO…Not Just For Kids Anymore

Famed construction toy company MECCANO have launched a grown-up set for your home with their MECCANO HOME collection, that allows you to build your furniture with their modular pieces.


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