A University Installed This Table To Increase Interactions Among Students

Menéndez and Gamonal Arquitectos have designed large meeting/gathering table inspired by an artists palette, for the Classroom Building in the Milan Campus at Oviedo University in Asturias, Spain.


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This Desk Lamp Is Inspired By Stick Insects

Modular, in their first collaboration with Dutch industrial design studio Bleijh, have created Médard, a desk lamp inspired by a stick-insect.


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A Custom Designed Bunk Bed With Built In Stairs And Storage

A family in Chicago needed more space to fit their four children into a recently purchased home, so they hired Space Architects and Buckingham Interiors to help them redesign everything. One of the space saving solutions was this custom designed bunk bed with built in stairs and storage.


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TIPI Lamps By Javier Herrero

Spanish designer Javier Herrero was inspired by the Wild West to create TIPI, a children’s lamp made from wood and embroidered felt, for manufacturer BUOKIDS.


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TAFLA Mirrors By Zieta

Creative studio Zieta have designed TAFLA, a modular collection of mirrors made from steel that have a unique, bionic form.


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Florian Saul Designs A Wood And Leather Hanging Coat Rack

Berlin-based designer Florian Saul has created Pe, an adjustable wood and leather hanging coat rack.


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