Rainer Mutsch Has Designed A Furniture Collection From Milled Marble

Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch has created a collection of contemporary furniture made entirely out of marble, that includes a dining table, bookshelf, and floating wall shelves.

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This Furniture Collection Uses Dyed Sand To Create Landscapes

Designer Fernando Mastrangelo has created the Escape Collection, a group of modern furniture pieces that are made using hand-dyed sand and silica to create simple forms that look like a three-dimensional landscape painting.

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Luminaire – April 2017 – Seito

This Outdoor Sun Lounger Is Shaded By A Forest Of Pink Palm Leaves

Designer Marc Ange has recently launched 'Le Refuge', an modern tropical inspired outdoor daybed, that's made with a wooden base and metal palm fronds

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This Bistro Table Was Designed With Dedicated Spaces To Hang Your Bag

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This Wardrobe Uses Willow Branches To Hide The Clothes Inside

Paul Ketz has created a fun and unexpected design for a standalone closet (wardrobe), that uses willow branches to create the sides of the modern furniture piece.

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24 Of These Mirrored Stools With Painted Seats Have Been Placed In An Art Park In Korea

South Korean designer Jiyoun Kim has created the Dokkaebi Stools, a collection of 24 mirrored stainless steel stools with each a painted seat, that will grace the Hangang Art Park in Seoul.

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