STUA Adds Some Color To The Vienna University Of Economics And Business

STUA have furnished the Learning Center and the Central Café of The Vienna University of Economics and Business, designed by Zaha Hadid, with their Nube armchairs and Marea tables, that make the spaces more vibrant and add a pop of color.


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Put Shelves Where You Want Them With These Zigzag Slots

Designer Steffen Kehrle has created a wooden shelf that has zigzag pattern side panels so that you can easily move the shelves.


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André Simón Designs A Whimsical Clothes Rack That Looks Like A Llama

Spanish designer André Simón has created LLAMA, a fun way to keep your clothes off the floor.


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Umami Table by Sofia Almqvist

Sofia Almqvist of design studio Kompaniet has created Umami, a carved out wooden table with custom ceramic and glass table top items that fit perfectly into the ‘scoops’ of the table.


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A Side Table With Space For A Cat To Sleep Under

Inspired by their cats desire to sleep on or under something, Levantin Design have created a side table named KRATER.


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A Stool Made From Straw By Juan Cappa

Designer Juan Cappa has created the Straw Stool, available in a large and small size, it’s made made from straw, plywood and metal.


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