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Stasis Lamp by Studio BAAG

Milan-based Studio BAAG have designed the Stasis Lamp.


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Jar RGB by Arik Levy for Lasvit

Paris-based designer Arik Levy has created Jar RGB for Lasvit.


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Cloud Floor + Table Softlights by molo

molo, a Vancouver-based design studio have created the Cloud Floor + Table Softlights as part of their Soft Collection.


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Rose Li Collection by Albi for Aqua Creations

Albi has designed the Rose Li Collection, a group of lamps made from copper for Aqua Creations.


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Bright Beads Pendant Lights by Marz Designs

Sydney-based Marz Designs have created the Bright Beads pendant lights.


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Photon Vortex Light by Arnout Meijer

Rotterdam-based designer Arnout Meijer has created the Photon Vortex light.


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Kino Lamps by Krizalidstudio

Emmanuel Gardin of Krizalidstudio has designed the Kino Lamps.


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DRSL Paparazzi Lamp by Mónoculo Design Studio

Mónoculo Design Studio have created the DRSL Paparazzi lamp.


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BIPOLAR Pendant Light by Tat Chao

Montreal-based designer Tat Chao has created BIPOLAR as part of his IN VITRO Collection.


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Solid Spin Lamp Collection by Johanna Tammsalu

Designer Johanna Tammsalu has created the Solid Spin Lamp Collection from ceramic.


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Bake me a cake by Morten & Jonas for Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting together with Morten & Jonas and Bergen Prison, have created Bake me a cake.


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Kork Tables and Lighting by Twodesigners

Based in Liège (Belgium), Twodesigners have created Kork, a family of objects made from cork.


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Memory by Boris Klimek for Brokis

Designer Boris Klimek has designed Memory, a collection of opal glass ceiling and wall lights for Brokis.


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The Babylon Light by Ryan Taylor

Toronto-based designer Ryan Taylor has created Babylon, a light made from powder-coated aluminum that also features a small garden.



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Ori Lighting by Producks Design and Mika Barr

Ori lightning series is the offspring of a collaboration between Producks design studio and textile designer Mika Barr. The design starting point was Mika’s Folding Apart fabric. The fabric has a special print on it that gives it an inner structure making it fold according to the printed pattern.


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