This new lamp has an unconventional way of turning it on and off

The Heng Balance Lamp, designed by Li Zanwen, is a table lamp made from high quality wood and two magnetic balls attached to an internal switch that's designed to make brightening all of your spaces a little more fun and a little less mundane.

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The Balance Lamp By Victor Castanera

Unique Modern Lamp - The Balance table lamp, designed by Victor Castanera for manufacturer Oblure, is a lamp that creates a look of balance between dark and light, and black and white.

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Luminaire – March 2017 – Grek

This Light Allows Kids To Create And Play With Shadows

Designer Erik Bele Höglund, has created Darkness Design - a simple light that allows kids to play with shadows and are only limited by their imagination.

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These Whimsical Lights Come Alive When They’re On

When you turn these peacock and deer head wall lights on, additional details reveal themselves.

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These Concrete Lights Look Like They’re Split In Two

These Modern Concrete Lights Look Like They Have Been Split In Two

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12 Bedside Table Lamps To Dress Up Your Bedroom

19 Bedside Table Lamps To Dress Up Your Bedroom

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