These Lamps Are Made From Marble Chips And Swarovski Crystals

The Dutchess Lamp By Mammalampa

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A Wonderland Of Light Art For The World’s Largest Outdoor Art Gallery

Vivid Sydney 2015

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Designer Lighting Inspired By Traditional Dutch houses And Mining Lamps

Lamp ZUID By Françoise Oostwegel

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Zaha Hadid Designs “Transparent” Chandelier

Aria Transparente Chandelier By Zaha Hadid Architects

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A Lamp And Bookstand Combination By Spanish Design Studio Cuatro Cuatros

Cristina Ródenas and Adrián M. Almonacid of Valencian studio Cuatro Cuatros have designed Asterisco, a lamp crossed with a bookstand, for lighting company LZF.

Asterisco By Cuatro Cuatros For LZF

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Cristián Mohaded Designs A Light Made From Concrete

As part of his first collection, Cristián Mohaded has designed the Andes Lamps for Argentinean firm, Inconcrete, that are made using lightweight concrete.

Andes Lamps By Cristián Mohaded

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