10 World Map Designs To Decorate A Plain Wall

Whether you use it to teach your kids about world, track your travels, or just as wall art, a world map is a great way to fill an empty walls. To help you find the perfect one for your home we've compiled a list of 10 world maps that would look great on any modern wall.

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This Tree-Shaped Art Installation Adds Color And Texture To The Ceiling

Artist Elisabeth Picard has created this large tree-shaped modern art installation made from from dyed zip ties, painted aluminum, and LED projectors. The piece is called named 'Sous le grand arbre: racine, feuille et fleur', which translates to 'Under the large tree: root, leaf and flower'.

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Minimalist Line Art Prints Are A Simple Way To Decorate Your Walls

Oju Design has created this collection of minimalist modern line art prints that have single black lines with smooth curves interrupting the all white backgrounds to create art that's simple and easy to look at.

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Wall Decor Ideas – Make contemporary wall art from a collage of carefully curated items

What do a rocket, a pair of binoculars, a beer bottle, and a plastic heart all have in common? Not a lot, but if you paint them all the same color and carefully arrange them with other random objects, you can create a unique, contemporary matte black piece of wall art.

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Wall Art Ideas – 14 Ideas For Black And White Abstract Wall Art

Wall Art Ideas - 14 Ideas For Black And White Abstract Wall Art

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These illuminated cylinders display fairy tales when people get inside to power them

13 Giant Interactive Loops That Play Fairy Tales Have Been Installed In Montreal

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