Photon Vortex Light by Arnout Meijer

Rotterdam-based designer Arnout Meijer has created the Photon Vortex light.


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Kino Lamps by Krizalidstudio

Emmanuel Gardin of Krizalidstudio has designed the Kino Lamps.


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DRSL Paparazzi Lamp by Mónoculo Design Studio

Mónoculo Design Studio have created the DRSL Paparazzi lamp.


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BIPOLAR Pendant Light by Tat Chao

Montreal-based designer Tat Chao has created BIPOLAR as part of his IN VITRO Collection.


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Solid Spin Lamp Collection by Johanna Tammsalu

Designer Johanna Tammsalu has created the Solid Spin Lamp Collection from ceramic.


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Bake me a cake by Morten & Jonas for Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting together with Morten & Jonas and Bergen Prison, have created Bake me a cake.


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