This continuous loop of bent wood emits light from embedded LEDs

Designer John Procario, has traken his love for sculpture and lighting, and made it into a sculptural wooden lighting piece named 'Flux I'.

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Larose Guyon’s New Sculptural Lighting Is Like An Illuminated Necklace

OTÉRO Lighting by Larose Guyon

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Luminaire – December 2016 – Mashup Cubic

Here’s the story behind this origami shade lamp that’s designed to fit into a shipping tube and require no hardware to assemble

Lampo - The origami shade lamp that comes in a tube

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This Light Lets You Design What It Looks Like By Adding More Pieces To It

This Modular Light Lets You Design What It Looks Like

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These Lights Are Designed To Invoke Curiosity

These Lights Have Been Designed To Invoke Curiosity

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These lamps were designed to grow plants in windowless spaces

The Mygdal Plantlamp designed by Studio We Love Eames

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