A Modern Interior Was Built Inside This Historic Building In Italy

La Dimora di Metello, a hotel in Matera, Italy, combines historic cave-dwellings with contemporary design.

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A Modern Addition Arrives At This Boutique Hotel In The Mountains Of Northern Italy

The MiraMonti Boutique Hotel in South Tyrol, Italy.

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Luminaire – April 2017 – Flexform_Zeno_Sofa

A Cluster Of Hiking Lodges Has Emerged In The Mountains Of Norway

Skåpet Mountain Lodges in Soddatjørn, Norway (Designed by KOKO architects)

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The rooms at this hotel are inside Airstream trailers on the roof of the building

You can stay in an Airstream at this rooftop boutique hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

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This Former Art School In Belgium Is Now A Hotel

Located in a former art school, in an end of the century building, is the JAM Hotel, a bold colorful hotel with touches of wood and concrete.

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How-to mix contemporary interior design with elements of Japanese culture

Often Japanese design can be seen as very minimalist in its design, with bare rooms, white or concrete walls and minimal furniture, but these hotel suites at the new Aman Tokyo, show that Japanese design can also be warm and welcoming.

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